The UC Browser is a high speed browser in you device,they can run faster,and you can easily use to

 UC Browser. UC Browser has a number of features that help it stand out. For a start, the home page 

has a selection of quick access links , helpfully divided into topic areas, like Entertainment and UC's own 

recommendations.It goes without saying that there's also tabbed browsing,  and plenty of tab 

management options. It's also got a nice window browse function, and a bunch of options  that display 

clearly when your hit the Menu key. UC Browser also has a number of features that other browsers don’t – 

namely a night  mode and share by SMS Whatsapp . Even so, it doesn’t have any quick features for 

sharing by other, more common means, like Twitter or Facebook.I also had issues displaying video while 

using UC Browser, but couldn’t tell from the developer’s website which video formats are supposed to be 

supported. And also download your favurit 

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